Dear Son,

I hope this letter meets you while you are still innocent and whole. Forgive the urgency in my voice, I am a mother with tales to tell and woes to fight and I pray evil escapes you, but while I pray, it would be irresponsible of me to leave you unaware of the devices of the enemy, one of which is the perversion of the beauty of sex as God, the Creator of the universe intended.

Dear Son,
I do not come with rhetoric and affluence in my speech, but with utmost care and devotion of a mother with years behind her and with years before her. I come bringing you up to date on the lures of evil men and women who are after your innocence, sexual purity and orientation.

you are still very young and they come at such a time as this.

When a woman, irrespective of age beckons on you, seeking to play with your genitals, promising you candy and pleasures of life, FLEE while you SCREAM, If you can lay hold on anything, may it be a weapon worthy.

When she asks cunningly, albeit feigning subtlety, wanting to have you penetrate her vaginal opening with your young penis, FLEE while you SCREAM. Bite if you have to. Fight if you can.

When she comes in guise of an aunt, a sister, a sister in church, a help and asks that you touch her breasts, her thighs and her sexual organs, promising pleasures and gifts of your age, FLEE while you SCREAM.

When she asks that you have sex with her friend, rebuke her and FLEE far away. When you have found safety, take the matter to someone higher. Report to more than one person if you have to.

when he comes in the guise of an uncle, a step-father, a friend, a big brother or a relative asking you to do what adults do, he is a paedophile, FLEE while you SCREAM.

When he asks that you stroke his penis, FLEE while you SCREAM.

When he asks that you let him insert his penis in your anus, BITE HIM if you have to and FLEE. SCREAM. FIGHT.

Son, humans are evil and each day they seek to satisfy their base natures. Don’t become their victim.

Most importantly, son of my womb, if you ever fall victim to any of these evils, remember I am always here to listen to you, to help you get through the pain, the shame, the trauma and oh, of course, the stigmatization, because I am a mother with experiences, a mother with years behind her and much more ahead of her.

Yours Always.
Maureen Alikor