Temptations of a socially active youthWe face temptations daily, but lately, the temptations look nothing like temptations. They usually come in the guise of crowd mentality; “but everyone is doing it”. And as a result of this, many young persons have fallen prey to wrong advise especially when it comes from someone the world has elevated to the position of a celebrity or an influencer.

As a young adult, growing up wasn’t as hideous and as scary as it is now. I like to think I have a certain level of hold on my emotions and in trends, I follow, but sometimes happen and I realize it is more of a subconscious journey. Some decisions you make abruptly, then given a few minutes or maybe days and you have regained your senses; you query your decision.

  • As a young person, be intentional about your life and your decisions.
  • Build strong morals, principles, and values for yourself.
  • Court Chutzpah as you strive to face the world daily.
  • Cut yourself some slack when you make a wrong decision.
  • Forgive yourself for the wrong choices and move along.
  • Choose who you choose to follow, friend and subscribe to on social media.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand alone sometimes.

One more thing, “NOT EVERYONE IS DOING IT”.

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