Menstrual cramps seem to be one of many things women in common. This monthly visitor that comes boldly to inflict pain, discomfort, and unease on suspecting and unsuspecting ladies had me writhing in pains a couple of days ago. While engaged in a chat with a friend I decided to make a post asking the following questions.

  1. Menstrual cramp is not of God.
  2. I want to know the first person who had menstrual cramps.
  3. Why she had it?
  4. And how she genetically transferred it to most innocent young girls?
  5. I also want to know if there is a procedure to stop it completely, don’t tell me childbirth ( I have not bought the car first)
  6. I also want to know if we can pause the cycle until a few months to when I am ready for a child.
  7. If we were to write and submit a menstrual cramp petition, whose office would we submit it to?
  8. Can a lady also take a monthly menstrual cramp leave from her workplace?

Some friends commented, dropping tips and clues as to how they’ve been able to manage the pain that comes with theirs. Maybe one can help you.

Numu Sings :You can take a leave from it, just get pregnant.

Numu, please open the door, I want to greet you.

Prince Deji Ajomale-McWord : You can prevent it by getting pregnant every 9months.

Deji, you too.

Viane Uzo O : I didn’t have cramps until after I gave birth. If you can You try N50 – N100 worth tiger nuts on days of your period (mornings). A lot of people get relieved using tiger nuts.

This is me running to get tiger nuts from the aboki at airforce

David Flick : Menstrual cramp is natural and from God, or else u say labor during birth isn’t from God.

How the girls looked at David when he said those words

Onyinye Mmeje : Babe, help me ask about ovulation cramps too.

Sis, ovulation is another season of torture. Who did we offend?

Damola Ajayi-Bembe : My dear, please share the answer with me when you get it Biko… I just got discharged from the hospital today because of this devilish handiwork… I also want to cancel my monthly subscription until further notice… Plxxxxx

I feel your pain, girlfriend.

Esther Ekuri :  I have discovered that type of food and exercise helps. The more I am physically fit especially doing cardio, I have discovered that I don’t feel any pain and the blood is usually clearer. 
P.S: this is my personal experience.

This is how we hope to stare at my bed when we wake up without cramps and our sheet is stained

Bright Ibama : Some days ago, I read it somewhere that France lawmakers are working on a law for a paid sit at home holidays for women, if it comes through I think they would eventually be the first country to legally pay women when they are on their menstrual cycle, plus give them holiday during this period. I guess the last question is answered.

I’m relocating to France

What procedure, drug or regimen have you used that works, we would love to know. PLEASE HELP THE SISTERS.