The most important question you must learn to ask is WHY.

Asking WHY will save you from a lot of troubles;

it saves you from assumptions, 
it saves you from confusions, 
it helps keep you in check, 
it encourages you, 
it reminds you why you started out on that journey, 
it helps you make clearer and better decisions, 
it spurs you to keep going.

Finding your WHY helps you stay on your line, when you decide to swerve into another lane; your why is your steering.

Loss of focus is one of the most important factors that limits and hinders growth, progress and success.

As we enter into 2019 with plans to venture into business, register for a course, begin a relationship, get a job or a side hustle, have a WHY at the back of your mind.

2019 should be your year of intentionality and in being intentional, there are steps you must take.

Get yourself a writing pad, a journal, a note book or a diary and of course a pen. You would do a lot of writing this year.

CLEARLY outline everything, every goal and every dream you want to chase, embark on or achieve in 2019.

CLEARLY write down the WHY of each goal, decision and journey.

By so doing, you are clear as it regards where you are going.

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