White wedding dress, Compulsory or not?

This question has been on my mind for sometime as I have been a guest at weddings and the brides ALL adorned white gowns of various styles, length, design, material.

Most of them a tad bit uncomfortable as they struggled with ‘carrying’ their gowns as they walked up and down during their wedding ceremonies. And other times I see chief bridesmaids sweating profusely during the ceremonies.

“Why bother wearing it?”
“Why stress yourself and another so much?”

These questions tug at my skin each time I witness the various struggles.

And I decided, I won’t have a need for such stress and discomfort on the day I’m publicly making a decision as serious and lofty as being joined to another for the assignment and purpose we both decided to go into a partnership for.

(The conventional wedding ceremony is another point or cause of worry for me. I’d discuss that in a new post)

I gathered that the white wedding dress fad began in 1840 when Queen Victoria’s chose to wear white on her wedding day and has since become a trend religiously followed.

Meanwhile, I strolled to the bible to seek bible passages that stated categorically that a bride MUST be adorned in a white attire on her wedding day and I haven’t found ONE.

Please, if you know ANY, a reference would be appreciated.

P.S. I also happen to know about the significance of colours, but…