Aquaman hit the cinemas and many people had different opinions about it, but this is simply the craziest and funniest review I’ve read. And it would be understood more by Nigerians, I think.

Written by Adejoh Barry Idakwo

Mamiwater was injured and washed to the shores,
Human being in light house, saved her, she scatter his TV. Then they gbenshed and gave birth to half Papi-water, half man.

Mami water now went back to marine kingdom and was sentenced to death.

Now the Half Papi-water trained and was using his power for anything he likes.. Anywhere belle face.

Then one mami water babe with red hair came to convince our half Papi-water to come to marine kingdom and save the kingdom from his brother who wanted to destroy the world.

The brother beat shege from our half Papi-water body, Because the brother fork (which they use as weapon) was very strong.

So our half Papi-water ranaway and went to look for one golden fork that has plenty power..

With the plenty power he now saved the world and became king of marine kingdom.

The end.

And they will be shouting that it is better than black panther???? Lobbish..

Meanwhile, that mamiwater that was sentenced to death did not die, she survived after 20years and came back to her gbensher…. They call this part Suspension/suspense in turenci.