The magic of self-quizzingIf I gave you 2 minutes to mention your top 10 most unique attributes, would you find it an easy task or a hard one?

That’s why I always recommend SELF-QUIZZING.

It is a healthy examination of self, with the goal of discovering who you are and what gifts, talents and abilities were wired into you by God.


√Self-quizzing helps you become more self aware

√Self-quizzing teaches you self-love.

√Self-quizzing teaches you self-appreciation.

√It helps you make well informed decisions.

√It helps you gain clarity of where you are, what next steps you’d be required to make to get you where you need to be.

√It helps you set personal boundaries, for yourself and for others.


1. A notepad and a pen 📔📔📔
2. Your full attention
3. Your inner eye
4. A Mirror
5. Time

Develop your PATWIB
>Passion: what you are passionate about.
>Advantage: everything that constitutes as an advantage to you
>Talents: what talents, gifts and abilities so you.
>Weaknesses: what do you do moderately well.
>Interests: things you are interesting in learning.
Body: what parts of your body you adore

Whenever you feel low, unworthy and or sad, remind yourself of your PATWIBs.

P.S. You can paste them on your wall.

P.S.S. Use as wallpaper.

P.S.S.S. You can set a reminder to remind you of your PATWIBs everyday.

If you self-quizzed, I’d love to know what new knowledge of yourself you’ve gained.

I am Maureen Alikor,
Your Personal Transformation Manager