I believe strongly that rape is very spiritual.

One trending omission I constantly see when posts about rape and rapists are being made is the fact that we think rapist are usually sane people.

It is uncanny to expect a psychologically deranged man who is under the spell of evil to desist from raping people.

Rape and the various forms of sexual abuse are fruits of the perversion of sex(a good gift from God).

And this perversion is largely spiritual, but because we are human beings, and we operate in the physical reality, we often judge things (like rape) from our human understanding.

Simply saying “stop raping people” to someone who is largely under the influence of the spirit in charge of sexual perversion will not make him or her desist from what has become a norm to them.

Cutting off their manhood may seem a fair and wise move, but is it?

Arresting a rapist and throwing him or her behind bars, does that also solve it?

We need to wake up and see that a mindset reorientation is desperately needed.

We need to wake up and see that this is not a case of “e never reach me” so I won’t be involved in demystifying it.

We need to begin teaching, talking and discussing sex in the most healthy ways.

We need to stop the “hush hush” treatment we reduce the topic of sex too.

Sex is not evil.
Humans with wrong knowledge about sex give room for the perverted edition and expression of sex to be sown as seed in their minds by the devil & spirit in charge of the perversion of sex.

We should fighting rape and sexual simply guided by emotions.

We should also be aware that the battle is also spiritual.

No human being in their normal human state is capable of such wickedness as heinous as rape.

Humans are not that evil.
There is a height of wickedness that is spiritually assisted.

And rape is one of those heights…