Do you know a house chore can become a distraction?

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

It can. 
Especially as a woman.
An African woman whose role is tied to the kitchen or to the house.
Who also works from home.🙄🙄🙄

After speaking with a new client about his #branding and social #media entry #strategy , I set to work to develop his #unique selling point ( #usp ) and also create a social media calendar, while at it, I got thirsty and made my way into the kitchen for a bottle of water.

Immediately I stepped into the kitchen, my eyes were fixated on the previous water bottles, I hadn’t refilled and the plates I had to arrange in the plate rack.

So I set to work. 😷😷😷 as a “good african woman”.

After about three minutes, I remembered I was supposed to be at my work station and I only came to the kitchen to quench my thirst.

Then it dawned on me, how as women who work from home, we can easily be distracted from work by chores (which can be a legitimate distraction, if not handled properly 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣)

AND How our productivity flow can easily be hampered by a house chore we had or had no idea we would be attending to.


1. PREPARE: As you get set for work on a work day, prepare your mind and your work area.
Think about everything that may be a distraction, curb the ones you can curb and ignore that which deserves ignoring.

2. PLAN: Before you set off to work, have a work plan. Be rigid with it if you have to.

3. BALANCE: As a human, balance is key in everything you do, master the art of bringing a balance to the various areas of your life to ensure none suffers or at least to ensure one doesn’t suffer for too long.

Have you ever been distracted from work by a chore, how did you handle it?