Maureen Alikor (personal transformation coach)It’s a superrrrrrr long post I have to share.
It started some years ago after the separation of my parents which as far back as I can remember shaped me in a way that was very unhealthy for a young child.
And most of the experiences I had to face was simply over the desire of a male child.
That was my first introduction to the world of the importance of male over female in an African society. Which was closely followed by more and more scenarios that all pointed to the fact that I was worthless and valueless because I was a girl.
At some point, I was deprived of education because I was a girl and It was said that my education would be a useless waste of money since I would end up as a man’s housewife in no distant feature.
I was reminded never to give an opinion on any matter because I was a girl.
At one point, I was about 5 years old, I watched as my mom suffered domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse because I was a girl. All of those experiences were seeds I didn’t know had been sown in my life, heart, and mind.
As I grew older, I realized that all those experiences began to grow as trees, and the fruits were produced were a particular kind of mindset and ideology. I couldn’t do stuff without second-guessing if my gender was ”allowed” to.
I couldn’t stop seeing myself as “JUST A GIRL”, who couldn’t amount to anything. I went to school and went through secondary school with these mindsets guiding most of my decisions, actions, and life.
When I started listening to sermons about God’s love for me as an individual and His purpose for creating me, I knew my present living condition was not reflecting what I was being taught.
I knew I had to reflect who I truly was, that decision birthed my PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION QUEST.
I didn’t know what It was, I just knew I had to change my life, change my mindset, change the effect of the past experiences, quit listening to the voice of limitation placed upon my gender. And I knew if I had to change all of these, I had to replace them.
I embarked on this very interesting journey that made me come to terms with my reality as birthed by my past experiences and my own contribution.
I embarked on a journey that led me to shatter stereotypes, take action, make mistakes, make personal decisions that got me beaten and ultimately got thrown out of the house. (This makes me laugh now, but it was one of the most painful seasons of my life).
I accepted responsibility as an adult and chose to own my life.
I chose to be in charge of my life, whatever the outcome may be.
I accepted the responsibility of changing my reaction to pain, to hurt, to the past and to everything that life deals me.
I began to study on how to transform my life, I read, I listened to sermons ranging from preachers like Pastor Chris Ugoh, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Bishop T.D Jakes, Myles Munroe, and many others.
I read boooooooooooooooooks. The transformation was in stages, but I was going to stick to it. Soon, I began quizzing myself on what MY PURPOSE was, and soon discovered one or two and as I grew older, it has gotten clearer.
So I focused my training, mentorship, and discipleship on the area of my purpose(s). Relationship management, Personal transformation, dealing with sexual abuse and rape, entrepreneurship and self-reliance.
But one thing became clearer, my experiences, my pain and everything I have studied, practiced and the strategies I employed were not for me alone.
It became easier for me to relate with other people who are going through phases in their lives.
It has become easier to help guide other young people through their ‘wilderness season”. I may not have all the answers but I am sure that ‘getting from there to here” is possible.
You deserve to be happy.
You deserve toes-twitching kind of joy.
You are LIGHT, You are destined to shine, GIVE YOURSELF THE PERMISSION.
I am Maureen Alikor, I am on a personal quest, my mandate is to raise a Colony of Lights.
I am a crusader for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and I am positive I can offer guidance.
Art & Science of Life Academy (ASLA
You can join the Art & Science Of Life Academy (ASLA) group. An academy of Lights and those desiring to let themselves shine. Many things are about to go down and many more go up.


I’d be going LIVE tomorrow at 12noon, it would be a Q & A chat, you can ask me questions about my life, my purpose, my books, my journey, my other experiences and how I scaled through and how I fall too.