Unwrap YouSo one time, my friend Victoria contacted me, she promised to take care of my internet subscription by the end of the month and when it was due, she sent the airtime, (Thanks boo) but incidentally I didn’t receive the notifications.

She contacted me TWO DAYS after she did the transfer to confirm receipt. Quickly, I picked up the phone, checked my account balance and the airtime was sitting pretty like a new bride.


Truth is, thinking about it now, I am still very grateful, because it means a lot to me when people go out of their way to do nice things for me. (I owe her a plate of ColdStone Creamery Ice Cream).

Shortly after, I experienced an epiphany.

This airtime has been with me for TWO WHOLE DAYS and I didn’t know. It had no human voice, so it couldn’t call my attention, so it stayed quiet. WAITING for the day of the UNVEILING.

Isn’t that also how we live our lives?

Often OBLIVIOUS of the gifts God deposited in us. We go about our usual daily activities until the day of the unveiling, the day we become aware of the goldmine locked up in us.

In many cases, we are unaware not because the gift hasn’t tried to call our attention to it, but because light (illumination, information, knowledge) hasn’t dawned on us.


Sometimes, we have to do some soul searching or in this case, Gift Searching. The process of Gift Searching takes you through various stages of attempts and trials, until the day we hit jackpot.

What new things are you trying?

What’s that talent that comes naturally to you that’s you have ignored?

What gifts are resident within YOU?

YOU are the most important person in your life, UNWRAP YOU.

I’d like to read your thoughts, please drop a comment and share with someone who you believe needs to UNWRAP THEIR GIFTS, they are all around us.