Maureen AlikorAs you embark on your journey of self and purpose discovery, you will touch down on a street called “self awareness” and and the next street called “self love avenue.”

The street called “Self awareness” is often a road many of do not wish to follow, because it entails we confront ourselves and take responsibility, but because these two stances doesn’t come natural to us, we loathe it and often ignore its importance.

The avenue called “Self love” has been misunderstood and bastardized by many of us on social media.

Self love is not the unhealthy narcissistic behaviour that places you as the most important person on earth and such deserving of all attention, affection and admiration and totally ignoring the need to develop yourself and work on your flaws.

Self love is the healthy realization that you are a part of humanity and as such deserving of a measure of nature’s goodness, while paying attention to the humanity of others and our “interconnectedness”.

To reign as a King or Queen in our life journey, we need to constantly reevaluate our heart and where we stand on this self love meter.

How Do Fair In The School of Self Love?