3 Ways To feed Your Hungry MindThe human mind is very powerful and I love to say that our life is a compendium of what has entered, stayed and come out of our mind.



Psychologists like Sigmund Freud believe there are three levels of the human mind (or levels of consciousness)

1. Unconscious: This is part of the mind that is deeply hidden and submerged, but it contains the experiences that form our biases, our ideologies, our habits, beliefs and our preferences. It’s like a memory bank.

E.g Your favorite childhood memory, words thrown at us and things that happened to us a while back.

2. Preconscious: Things stored here are information that have not been suppressed but are often available somewhere in our minds if we need to think about them. We could readily pay attention to them if we so desire and whenever we wish to.

E.g. What you ate yesterday. What book you read last month, when you received the last alert. The first thing you did when you woke up this morning.

3. Conscious: This is the level of awareness, that is the things, you are currently aware of and you don’t need to think about them to bring them forth.

E.g. Your name, your account number ( for people like me who like money), & whatever is before you RIGHT now.


The Hungry Mind By Maureen Alikor

A) Think about your thoughts.

B) Feed your mind with new information, new knowledge and new reality, do this by reading the bible and other healthy books.

C) Speak positive words: words that edify and build you up. These words travel from your mouth to your ears and straight into your heart (mind). Words build a castle of life or death in your mind.