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Maureen Alikor loves to share her knowledge bothering around love, relationships, and personal transformation. I have personalized experiences and opinions. I watch a lot of movies, read tons of books, currently building a library and I love sports (football and volleyball, I play them too)

When a chore becomes a distraction

Do you know a house chore can become a distraction? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! It can.¬† Especially as a woman. An African woman whose role is tied to the kitchen or to the house. Who also works from home.ūüôĄūüôĄūüôĄ *** After speaking with a new client about his¬†#branding¬†and social¬†#media¬†entry¬†#strategy¬†, I set to work to develop his¬†#unique¬†selling

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Virginity: The Best Gift A lady Gives Her Husband

I believe, It depends on the husband you marry. If you only gift your virginity to a man who appreciates intellectual and emotional maturity more than virginity; that's a round peg in a triangle hole. Las las, know who you are marrying before concluding on what would be the best gift. What's your take?

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I believe strongly that rape is very spiritual. One trending omission I constantly see when posts about rape and rapists are being made is the fact that we think rapist are usually sane people. It is uncanny to expect a psychologically deranged man who is under the spell of evil to desist from raping people.

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Experience. Counseling. News. Social media. Testimonies. All of these factors have proven over time that of a truth our mothers enabled chronic laziness in most fathers. In some of our homes, it is not rare to see a father who can't attempt to boil water to help make food for the children if the mother


Making Your Marriage Work

Written on Facebook by Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna 2019 Who has your ears? Why I hate pre-wedding photos (1) I'm sorry, but there are a lot of things I find funny in this space. Especially among married women. I woke up to an inbox message from a newly married woman. Her SINGLE friends had advised her

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