About Maureen Alikor

Maureen Alikor is a Self & Purpose Discovery Coach. She is also an Anti-Rape, Sexual Abuse and Stigmatization Activist, a writer and digital marketer. She is a Christian and believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She loves to read, play and meet new people.

On Randy Pastors And The Kingdom of God

I am both sad & happy the lecturer in the #SexForGrades video is a Pastor. I'd share my reasons. He is supposed to be a REPRESENTATIVE of Jesus Christ. TEACHING the values, principles and beliefs of the Kingdom of God. This shows there's an anomaly in how ordinations are made. It shows that NOT

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Developing Your Personal Core Values

Growing up, it was only companies, churches or other organizations that had core values... And I was always curious and wondered what they were. I got older and discovered the pattern in the words they used in conveying their core values. I saw the words but didn't understand why each of them chose the words

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5 Qualities you need to look for in a friend

The word FRIEND had been so bastardized, it has almost lost its meaning. Friendship is deep and entails so much, if you are being truly a friend, you can't have so many people you call friends; you'd be drained if you do that You give of your time, your money, your attention and it isn't

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Two Legit Reasons Why You Should Change Your Church

If you went to church today and it was just a normal routine that you had to do and you have been doing it for a long time and your life has not been transformed or at least on the path to transformation following the Galatians 5:22-23 template, then you either need to take a

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Books And My Personal Transformation Journey

When my personal transformation journey started a couple of years ago, first I took stock of the problems, the experience and the outcomes I didn't quite appreciate. After this very important step, I was able to come to terms with where I was, envisioning the future I wanted was a bit difficult given that my

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