About Maureen Alikor

Maureen Alikor is a Human Development Evangelist and Coach. She is interested in helping young people discover and develop their purpose. She is also an Anti-Rape, Sexual Abuse and Stigmatization Activist interested in helping survivors through their recovery journey. She is a Believer in the Person of Jesus Christ and the Godhead and loves books, ice cream and shoes.

Speaking Up About Your Rape Experience

Speaking up about your rape experience is important to your rape recovery and survival journey Do you believe there are benefits of speaking up? Do you know there are still many people who still have issues with survivors of rape for speaking up about their experience? These group of people would shushhhhh you into silence

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4 Steps To Creating The Week You’d Love

One of the reasons we get angry or frustrated by the the end of the week is, realizing we achieved nothing or nothing significant. This can be attributed to one word we intentionally or ignorantly neglected: PLANNING. We allow things and life to happen to us without our active participation. Then we spend so much

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15 Personal Growth Affirmations

Personal Growth Affirmations are words, phrases or sentences we say to ourselves that have power with themselves to help us come to a level of healthy self care, self love and self expression. It is believed that we have the propensity to believe what we tell ourselves than what we hear others say to us.

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Are We A Weak Generation

I have noticed a common trend among many young people in my generation and I am scared and worried for them.   I have noticed they do not have emotional stability to withstand some of the highs and lows that life WILL DEFINITELY bring their way. And it is so obvious they lack the emotionally

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Listen To The Words You Speak

DO YOU LISTEN TO THE WORDS YOU SPEAK? I'm talking to you, yes you. Don't try to ignore the question, answer it. I've come to learn that many of us TALK without paying attention to the words we utter. We think words are just words, but I'm sorry to break this all important news to

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