Are We A Weak Generation

I have noticed a common trend among many young people in my generation and I am scared and worried for them.   I have noticed they do not have emotional stability to withstand some of the highs and lows that life WILL DEFINITELY bring their way. And it is so

Listen To The Words You Speak

DO YOU LISTEN TO THE WORDS YOU SPEAK? I'm talking to you, yes you. Don't try to ignore the question, answer it. I've come to learn that many of us TALK without paying attention to the words we utter. We think words are just words, but I'm sorry to break

Financial Compatibility

Financial Compatibility is when two people in a relationship have an agreement on how money should be handled in a relationship to avoid arguments. Financial Compatibility is a thing and truth be told, it is a very wise thing to do. My partner and I have an understanding of how

How Do You Fare In The School of Self Love

As you embark on your journey of self and purpose discovery, you will touch down on a street called "self awareness" and and the next street called "self love avenue." The street called "Self awareness" is often a road many of do not wish to follow, because it entails we

My Personal Spiritual Biography

I was born into a Cherubim and Seraphim family on the 13th of February, 1990 (Birthday in a few days). My mother, the first love of my life brought me up in the way of the Lord, she taught me the Bible, taught me to sing, dance and to do

Do You Think About Your Thoughs

This question may come as a shock to you as it did to me the first time I knew I could think about my thought. I need you to be sincere with yourself in answering this question. DO YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS? I wasn't taught this in school,


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