Empire Chronicles

Poetry: Ife

i. Ife, son of YHWH, I have seen the moon wrestle the sun the stars as spectators, starstruck but a heart as forged in gold as yours, eludes me once I shut my eyes, to see the essence of your existence to behold the rarity of your person to perceive the aura of your soul

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Dear Emperor, How has your bachelorhood come along? I hope you are counting down to quitting that pseudo-torture you have been in for a long time. I mean this in a good way though. Mine, today is mother's day and they were calling me prospective mother, the thing was not sweet in my ears at

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Dear Emperor

Lovers by the moon Dear Emperor, It’s been a while I wrote you, it doesn’t mean I love you less than I used to, I have grown to love you fiercer and stronger. Ele yi gidi gaan! ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ Mine, many days have come and gone and have morphed into weeks, months and oh

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Dear Tiger

H Dear Tiger It’s that time of the evening when my mushiness drives my pen to spill words my mouth have chosen not to say till that day.

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Dear Tiger: marriage myths

Dear Tiger I salute your position. I greet you in the name of the time zone and time of your location as when you will read this letter coming deeply from my heart. Tiger Mi, there is a very serious matter at hand and I want to address it calmly but sharply.

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