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Subsidy for condoms? How about Sanitary pads

While going through my facebook newsfeed, I came across a post by Ify Aronu It reads, “Subsidy for condoms at less than N100 while there’s absolutely no relief on sanitary pads sold for as much as N400 Partly why many see having girl children as a burden. Have we ordered...

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The Village People: An Unhealthy Stereotype

Written by Zainab Haruna I have made a conscious effort to remove the phrase “Village people” from my speech and writing these days. Initially people used it to communicate humorous instances of bad luck. But I think it has now come to mean and communicate the worst of things.

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Written by Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli    DEAR #AUTHORPRENEUR Then do these 10 things👇👇 1. DON’T MAKE A RESEARCH Remember, you know everything. You are omniscient. Before Abraham, Socrates, and Einstein, you are. Don’t read the works of others. Don’t read related works. Write #everything from your head.

If Nigeria wins the Russia 2018 world cup 0

If Nigeria Won The World In Russia 2018

FIRST SECOND AFTER THE FINAL WHISTLE: the whole of Africa would erupt. A tornado of joy would sweep through Nigeria. FIRST MINUTE: pessimists would keep pinching themselves. It’s too dreamy to be real. Many of the Nigerian players- read heroes- would start a mad, aimless, and ecstatic sprint round the...


From Enugu & Nsukka With Love 2

ENUGU, LOVE, AND ENCHANTMENTS by Chinwendu Queenette Nwangwa I should know better. Never return to old lovers, especially the ones who you loved intensely and who you left with fragments of your heart stuck to the sticky palms of the hands attached to their too wide arms; arms too wide that...