Written by Ejiofor Jeanne-Natasha A good number of people pride themselves on being able to hold their urine for hours on end - some for as long as eight hours. 😖😖 What most of you do not know is that, constantly holding urine in when pressed, is bad for your health. First, let's see how

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Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Menstrual cramps seem to be one of many things women in common. This monthly visitor that comes boldly to inflict pain, discomfort, and unease on suspecting and unsuspecting ladies had me writhing in pains a couple of days ago. While engaged in a chat with a friend I decided to make a post asking the

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This is Facebook

With the latest song released by Falz, the bahd guy  "This is Nigeria", he sang of the many problems citizens of Nigeria face. The song was originally done by Childish Gambino titled "This is America". (the links are below) HERE is my version of the song "This is Facebook" - A song inspired by Childish Gambino

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Lagos vs Abuja by Soogun Omoniyi Over the past 24 hours, the Nigerian cyberspace has seen a brutal fight for superiority between the Center of Excellence and the Center of Unity. It is unclear who started this fight or how it started, but in a few minutes, we will know the superior place.

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