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Amazing Girl Without Limbs Who Drives With Her Legs

Some days, I just read, watch or hear a story and it reminds me to remain humble, teachable and positive, Meet sixteen year old Donavia "Angel" Walker who was born without limbs, a condition called Bilateral Amelia but does everything with her legs. WOW. I am challenged, encouraged and inspired greatly by her. Donavia drives with her

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Activism is fast becoming as popular as the word coca-cola, not because it is a new word but because people are drastically beginning to recognize their role and their power of their voice and believe in something higher than themselves. According to Merriam Webster the word the word activism is “a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct

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Our Spotlight: Helena Nelson

Helena Nelson Who is the most important person in your life? And why? I would say, my mum. She is the reason I want to make so much money in this life sha. What’s the distinct thing about you and about what you do? My voice. There is really nothing distinctive about what

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A Man’s Note To His Wife

I LOVE LOVE STORIES. While we have heard a lot about unsuccessful marriages, it is often a rare and a beautiful privilege to meet two persons who are working at it DAILY thereby showing us (the unmarried) that it can be done. It’s good to know we have good examples to learn from. HERE’s to

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Today In History(Eulogy to my mum)

​ November has always been my favourite, not because its my birth month alone but because its same for my dad, my mum and one of my brothers; but this year its all different... On this day in 1959, my mum was born.   She was my "not very favourite parent" during primary school days

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