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Our Beacon Of Hope: Itodo Anthony Samuel

Meet our Beacon of Hope for today, Itodo Samuel Anthony aka Pope. Over a period of time, from the Facebook platform, we have been seeing his works and hearing about how he is changing the face of education in Benue State, today we decided to get to know him better. Let’s jump in.


A Man’s Note To His Wife

I LOVE LOVE STORIES. While we have heard a lot about unsuccessful marriages, it is often a rare and a beautiful privilege to meet two persons who are working at it DAILY thereby showing us (the unmarried) that it can be done. It’s good to know we have good examples...

My Words To Oprah Winfrey 6

My Words To Oprah Winfrey

Dearest Oprah, This letter should have come earlier than now, but for constant procrastination and lazy excuse of a busy life, but today the urge came stronger than ever and I pushed myself off the bed and began punching my keypad smoothly and rapidly.  You may encounter slight typographical errors...

Itodo restores hope and life to a supposed “mad man” 0

Itodo restores hope and life to a supposed “mad man”

Life has not been easy with a lot of humans and we seem to be encumbered with finding OUR OWN DAILY BREAD and in doing so, we CARE LESS of other people and their issues, but  that is not the case for ITODO SAMUEL ANTHONY . Read and follow the story of...

Mark Zuckerberg on Purpose 0

Mark Zuckerberg on Purpose

The name Mark Zuckerberg is a name billions of people have talked about and have come to know because of his invention – Facebook. There are billions of people on facebook, who are connecting with other people in the world. This would not have been possible if Mark Zuckerberg did...