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Happy Birthday Tobi

within the confines of this virtual world hidden behind keypads and keyboards are souls trapped in human form with hearts plaited in gold and eyes big and bold somewhere in Africa where blind bonds of friendship are formed as soul connections mattered the most I, African, met an African, he was subtle and concise he

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Birthday Bells

*BIRTHDAY BELLS*🎊 Everyone knows what 'wedding bells' are but very few people know of the existence of 'birthday bells'. Whenever something remarkable is in the offing and it's supposed to be made public during the birthday celebration, then the birthday bells will ring to get everyone on his or her toes in anticipation. Consider this

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​THE NEON STAR A Dedication to Graciano Enwerem on his birthday By the Figures Courtesy of Figures of Speech headquarters Preface When it's a birthday, there are baths, then births. Then what? Many decide to celebrate by cutting cakes and blowing candles representing a quarter of their present age[s], but that only shows that one



Beside almost every successful man is a woman who most likely stood by him through days when wants and needs broke his back as he strived so hard to be liberated. Such is the tale of this woman who shines and radiates beautifully. She strides in grace and her every word is aimed at restoring

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Of Birthdays Past – for Austin Omorogieva

Many are called Only a few answer the call Those that answer stands out exceptionally And do exploits They have their smile brighter than the moon And the sun tends to step up their game So as to retain their place in the sky They lead in style and are unique in grace You are

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