Personality Transformation

How My Personal Transformation Journey Started

It's a superrrrrrr long post I have to share. It started some years ago after the separation of my parents which as far back as I can remember shaped me in a way that was very unhealthy for a young child. And most of the experiences I had to face was simply over the desire

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When a chore becomes a distraction

Do you know a house chore can become a distraction? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! It can.¬† Especially as a woman. An African woman whose role is tied to the kitchen or to the house. Who also works from home.ūüôĄūüôĄūüôĄ *** After speaking with a new client about his¬†#branding¬†and social¬†#media¬†entry¬†#strategy¬†, I set to work to develop his¬†#unique¬†selling

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Experience. Counseling. News. Social media. Testimonies. All of these factors have proven over time that of a truth our mothers enabled chronic laziness in most fathers. In some of our homes, it is not rare to see a father who can't attempt to boil water to help make food for the children if the mother


The Magic Of Self-Quizzing

If I gave you 2 minutes to mention your top 10 most unique attributes, would you find it an easy task or a hard one? That's why I always recommend SELF-QUIZZING. It is a healthy examination of self, with the goal of discovering who you are and what gifts, talents and abilities were wired into

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Find Your Why

The most important question you must learn to ask is WHY. Asking WHY will save you from a lot of troubles; it saves you from assumptions, it saves you from confusions, it helps keep you in check, it encourages you, it reminds you why you started out on that journey, it helps you make clearer and better decisions, it spurs you

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