Personality Transformation

Temptations of a socially active adult

We face temptations daily, but lately, the temptations look nothing like temptations. They usually come in the guise of crowd mentality; "but everyone is doing it". And as a result of this, many young persons have fallen prey to wrong advise especially when it comes from someone the world has elevated to the position of

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Christians and national development

This video spoke my mind in many ways. Most Christian’s ONLY contribution to Nigeria is prayer. This is one truth many Christians and churches do not want to hear, simply because it puts a greater and valid and a more measurable responsibility on them and less on God. An average Christian has been spoon fed to believe

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Why Are You Celibate

My attention was drawn to this matter based on recent happenings and news headlines on social media. Not to mention names, but I read rant posts and tweets of people MAINLY ladies questioning an adult’s choice on why they cut short their celibacy vow and got pregnant.  

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