The Lady in smiles

This is the face of the lady in love with her helf
As much as she loves the world,
She, with a smile that lights up darkened paths
Thus illuminating the depth of dark hearts
Made thus by man’s blackness of heart

This is the smile of the lady of golden steel
With footwalks of silver gems

She with her ever cheerful grin
And ever grateful a heart
She with a mind as deep
As depths untamed
And her fears as scared
Of her courage as many of heights
And of a lion’s roar

This is the smiling face of the lady, Maureen
Who fought her wars
And battled her days with grace

The smile of the one who rode on horseback
Of prickly metals
Yet galloping joyously
For the knowledge of her destination

This is the face of the lady
Who swore to demystify abuse
And ride upon the tale of her once painful past
Bringing glad tidings of hope,
Of peace
Of healing
And of more

This is face of the one who is ever grateful
And graceful
Ever smiling
And playful
Ever loving
And living
Ever growing
And learning
Ever healing
And weaning
Ever willing
And bearing

This is the face of the One
Loved by man
Super loved by God
And truly cherished by self

This is smiling face of the one, expectant
Looking towards tomorrow with hope
And looking back at yesterday with smilee,
Regretting nothing
Dismissing evils
And hearsays
Or dancing to the rhythm
Of the songs of lies played

This is the smile of the one grateful
For friendships built
For bonds of family sealed
For new loves
New friends
New friends
And even newer pals

This is the smile of Maureen
Grateful for having you in her life…
Happy to have had and met you all in 2016
And looking towards 2017 with joy
Knowing how much we will achieve.

I love love
But not as much as I love you all
And of course the crown wearer of my heart Kingdom, Tiger.

How Long

how long did we ache in the rain?
how long did we lay in the dark?
my hips acheing and churning,
alone in my bed,
i thought it normal to live
as though on fire,
i thought it normal
to cringe from the dawn,
to see couples and fear them,
to long to feel human touch,
yet I have a body of great shame,
hidden away.
how long did we ache in the rain?
how long did we lay in the dark?
my body is a glasshouse
waiting with the birds
for the next good storm,
i just want human contact,
yes i love too much,
but if i lose that,
i may as well lose half my name.
some fair woman, soon must hold her ams out
to warm my heart,
she would be joining a field of love
though it look not so
but as my late Queen said;
“The way a person looks
and the way that they feel to me,
they are two different things completely.”
no longer shall i ache in the rain
or beg sleep in the dark,
i am human, and need love
i float above,

/Elven Debi