As 2019 elections approaches…

As a nation, Nigerians are preparing in earnest for the elections. Many persons are already tired of the present government and are in dire need of a change to change the “change” already in place, and in anticipation are awaiting the persons who would declare their intentions to run for president.

One Monica Ambrose has also declared her intention to run for the presidency come 2019.

What’s your take?


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.  Monica Ambrose declares her intention to run for president 2019

There Will Always Be Followers

So over time I’ve come to a conclusion that there will always be followers.
Based on the recent happenings on and off this virtual space, right through to the one on one interactions we have as living, breathing human beings, I can confidently state that no matter HOW STUPID or HOW SENSIBLE the matter YOU are championing is, you’d always have followers.
There are various reasons why people support or applaud a cause and these reasons vary. Continue reading