A Collection Of My Articles And Stories

I am collating my stories and articles here for future reference. I entered for a writing contest in 2016 and I emerged second place winner. The prize was a Huawei tablet. Here's a link to MY ENTRY I wrote for a newspaper from July 2017 till sometime in 2018. I wrote about my experiences, opinions

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When a chore becomes a distraction

Do you know a house chore can become a distraction? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! It can.¬† Especially as a woman. An African woman whose role is tied to the kitchen or to the house. Who also works from home.ūüôĄūüôĄūüôĄ *** After speaking with a new client about his¬†#branding¬†and social¬†#media¬†entry¬†#strategy¬†, I set to work to develop his¬†#unique¬†selling

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Virginity: The Best Gift A lady Gives Her Husband

I believe, It depends on the husband you marry. If you only gift your virginity to a man who appreciates intellectual and emotional maturity more than virginity; that's a round peg in a triangle hole. Las las, know who you are marrying before concluding on what would be the best gift. What's your take?

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I believe strongly that rape is very spiritual. One trending omission I constantly see when posts about rape and rapists are being made is the fact that we think rapist are usually sane people. It is uncanny to expect a psychologically deranged man who is under the spell of evil to desist from raping people.

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Making Your Marriage Work

Written on Facebook by Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna 2019 Who has your ears? Why I hate pre-wedding photos (1) I'm sorry, but there are a lot of things I find funny in this space. Especially among married women. I woke up to an inbox message from a newly married woman. Her SINGLE friends had advised her

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