Life Lessons By Ole Gunnar Solskjær

If you are a football junkie like me, you will agree with me that yesterday's UCL match between Manchester United FC and Paris Saint-Germain FC was a historic game. After a 2-0 defeat at home, the Man United team led by their CARETAKER MANAGER Ole Gunnar Solskjær secured a spot in top 8 by winning

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Premier League Starts With A bang

Result from Saturday’s Match Dear Ladies with no interest in Football, this letter is to you. Dear ladies, you know how a particular telemundo series, or maybe Zee world, or keeping up with the Kardashains, or maybe any series at all that caches your fancy begins and how you scamper every evening to

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Dressing Room : Spurned Spurs

Introducing: Onwuasoanya Obinna Jones, Jersey number: 1000, freekick accuracy: 101%, shot power: 100%. And I am your host on FREEKICK articles, aiming to score from every dead ball situation. Let's take this shot together, shall we? *** If you are a football fan, you are quite familiar with this story, if you are not a

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Hello football fans! I bring you DRESSING ROOM! A football column that will run here. Here is our order of service: Tuesdays we take FREEKICKS, publishing an article that takes you deeper into the game than any other ministry can. Can I hear amen?! Then on Fridays, no no no, it's not vigil night, but

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On Football Age and Petty Lies

The image above hit my screen on instagram @maureenalikor feed this morning and it sure got me laughing. Of course, after a few minutes of laughter, it dawned on me that this Rwandan player just happened to be a scapegoat of an agelon football tradition, if I'm allowed to put it do. Who is foooling

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