Premier League Starts With A bang

Result from Saturday’s Match

Dear Ladies with no interest in Football, this letter is to you.

Dear ladies, you know how a particular telemundo series, or maybe Zee world, or keeping up with the Kardashains, or maybe any series at all that caches your fancy begins and how you scamper every evening to ensure you never miss an episode that is been aired; that is how these boys, men, girls and women who Love football are beginning to run helter skelter when a choice team is about to play. There is nothing wrong happening, it is just that the season of football is upon us and we can’t run from it.  Continue reading

Dressing Room : Spurned Spurs

Introducing: Onwuasoanya Obinna Jones, Jersey number: 1000, freekick accuracy: 101%, shot power: 100%.
And I am your host on FREEKICK articles, aiming to score from every dead ball situation. Let’s take this shot together, shall we?
If you are a football fan, you are quite familiar with this story, if you are not a football fan, then, then, wait, what are you even doing here? But then when has that ever stopped a good story from being read, reread, and shared? It is about an old man, seen as a kid because: small stature, no beards and sweet voice.

Follow closely, it is about the Spurs.
In 134 years of existence, they have been pushing against all odds both physical and of course SPIRITUAL, and yet they keep somehow losing (you think you can fight spiritual battles with broken bottles?).
Then came 2015-2016 season and believe me, the story was about to change, the spurned Spurs spurred on.

The season started on a humble note, but soon they kicked into gear, breezing past opponents and knocking those who stood against them on their arse.
HurriKANE had been wrecking havoc gently (if there exists such havoc) but steadily and there was Ali (no, not Mohammed but almost as great).
The technicality of Mauriucco Pochettin’s tactics seemed to have divine backing: 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 6-4-0, 0-0-10. Anything! Anyway! They were winning, winning and winning!
Eriksen was using invisible-tape-measured passes to dissect opposition midfielders with surgical precision. 
Even the Rising Son from the East (pun intended) scorched defenders into submission.
Everything was fine, maybe too fine, and they were just coming out of a four nothing thrashing of Stoke City, away, the league was four matches away and the prayers were that Leceister City would drop a point or two or maybe three and West Brom happened. Had they won the previous match for (four) nothing?
25th April, 2016, a red hot Tottenham team were held to a one goal draw.
… the darkness had just descended … and until morning it would reign.
Chelsea came and another two points were dropped …
And they gave up …
And they lost the league … It would be one of their most painful memories.
And tomorrow, they become again that team that almost but never, won the premier league title.
It’s in and it’s a GOAL! I remain Onwuasoanya Obinna Jones, and I wear Jersey number: 1000.


Hello football fans! I bring you DRESSING ROOM! A football column that will run here.
Here is our order of service:
Tuesdays we take FREEKICKS, publishing an article that takes you deeper into the game than any other ministry can.
Can I hear amen?!
Then on Fridays, no no no, it’s not vigil night, but PENALTY SHOOTOUT. And we will have gladiators battling each other in war of words, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone get killed (just minor bruises here and there).
Reviews of (popularly talked about) matches would come exactly an hour after them.
Let’s do this.