Would you do this?

So, I stumbled on this a few weeks ago and totally loved it.

Her name is Rebeca. When it was time for her wedding, her female BFF’s were faraway from where she was, but she ¬†wanted a bridal photo shoot and all the fun that come with it, but her job description was seeming like it wasn’t going to be possible, because she had guys as her friends.

BUT she wasn’t deterred. The photo session took place and her photos with her male bride’s maid went viral. Continue reading

Buhari Makes History With New Word “Buharism”


In Nigeria ,we are a happy nation, we make a joke and form new words and new names, we go as far as attributing new meanings to them and one of those words is “Buharism”.

In spite of all many Nigerians have been saying about the government which came into power in 2015 under the political party called All People’s Congress, the President Mohammed Buhari has made history.

The Word ” Buharism” has become a word in the English Dictionary, so while you are saying capitalism, feudalism, Marxism, do not forget to say Buharism.