My life is a beautiful story laced with experiences that I have gleaned a lot of lessons from. One of those experiences happened on the 16th of November, 2016.

In my one-room apartment somewhere in Port Harcourt, armed robbers broke in, made away with some of my belongings (phones, tablets, and some cash).

With a gun pointed to my head and that of a friend (my roommate), we were raped and threatened with death if we ever mentioned to anyone that we were raped. Whatever their reasons were for that threat, I had no idea.

As our neighbours poured in to offer their condolences after we alerted the police, a majority of them also warned against telling more people about the rape; I believe it was out of care, as they were worried about the stigmatization I would have to battle.

I saw it as an opportunity to break the silence, raise the carpet under which we stash every rape story and shatter the empire called stigmatization.

I wanted to encourage victims to own their story, to look stigmatization in the face and choose freedom, to live about the experience and birth a beautiful story for their lives.

I also wanted to take up the responsibility to teach, mentor and guide young people on sex, the perversion of sex, consent, and the evil outcomes of rape.

So I shared MY STORY HERE, shared it to Facebook and barely a month after the incident, the Demystify Abuse Campaign began and it has been an eye-opener.