Hi, I’d like you to introduce myself.

I am Maureen, a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

I am alive, so I live proving it. Introvert. Loving. Jovial. I ask a loooooooooot of questions. I’m passionate about life.

I’m passionate about:

  1. Rape or sexual abuse victims finding it difficult to heal, let go and grow through the experience. Demystify Abuse Campaign
  1. Young people making unguided and purposeless decisions about dating (Bolt & Hinges)
  2. Young people doing life with undefined purpose, blurry, broken or misguided focus. Arts & Science of Life Academy

My Vision: A world filled with people living out their true purpose, manifesting the best version of themselves.

My Mission: shaping mindsets, influencing culture

My Core Values: Love. Intentional Living. Respect. Compassion. Humility. Enthusiasm. Excellence

My keywords: Purpose. Influence. Profit.

My tools: My Mind. Words (spoken and written). My Smile. My Experiences. Social Media.


I’m very much interested in building purposeful wealth, I manage two startups.

I’m Founder, Ripplegasm, a digital marketing agency, and Heralds & Regal, an event staffing agency.

I am also building multiple streams of income.