I have other interests and I get to share some of the lessons I learn from them with you.

I am a Christian, that means I believe in Jesus as the Christ and Saviour of my soul and as the Son of God. Reading the Bible is an integral part of my life and I know God speaks through the bible, so I don’t selfishly receive insight, encouragement, and wisdom from the Bible, I also share some key verses with my you.

You would always find me, reading or sharing knowledge gained or recommending books here through Book Nation or on social media through the hashtag #BookNationWithMaureen .

or you’d find me watching a movie, sharing lessons from it or recommending it to friends, followers and you o the site through “Movie Circus”.

I also have an affinity for words, so I share every new word I encounter or words I admire on “Words Unearthed“.

I am a sucker for good music, so “Music Spot” was spotted.

I love poetry, I don’t just enjoy them, I WRITE POEMS too.