ASUU strike: It’s a national shame

Again after about four years, I am hearing and reading that yet another ASUU(Academic Staff Union of Universities) strike and in truth I am frustrated with happenings as this in our nation.

I really do not care about what the cause of the strike may be, I am only worried that we are a selfish nation, we only care about ourselves.

ASUU is selfish.

The government is selfish. Continue reading

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Premier League Starts With A bang

Result from Saturday’s Match

Dear Ladies with no interest in Football, this letter is to you.

Dear ladies, you know how a particular telemundo series, or maybe Zee world, or keeping up with the Kardashains, or maybe any series at all that caches your fancy begins and how you scamper every evening to ensure you never miss an episode that is been aired; that is how these boys, men, girls and women who Love football are beginning to run helter skelter when a choice team is about to play. There is nothing wrong happening, it is just that the season of football is upon us and we can’t run from it.  Continue reading

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Satan Is The Coolest Guy God Created

Here is an image we all grew up to see and know as Satan, well, they lied to us

You don’t understand.

Satan is one of the coolest things God has ever created.

Fine. Sexy. Suave. Not that rubbish they draw in your Christian tracts and magazines. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘The devil wears Prada‘? Well, the movie is totally irrelevant to this post but the imagery isn’t.

Satan is fiiiiiiiiiiine. Continue reading

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