Perseverance is sexy, I agree, do you? I remember when we were thrown into this era of despair, of hopelessness and into the world called recession. Many of us felt life was going to come to an end, some of us felt we would all die of starvation (i’m not...


From Enugu & Nsukka With Love 2

ENUGU, LOVE, AND ENCHANTMENTS by Chinwendu Queenette Nwangwa I should know better. Never return to old lovers, especially the ones who you loved intensely and who you left with fragments of your heart stuck to the sticky palms of the hands attached to their too wide arms; arms too wide that...

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BỊAFỤRỤ: Amarachi Attamah

I have come to know Amarachi Attamah as an epitome of the hardcore Igbo woman. She won my heart the first time I watched her performance and then again at the Port Harcourt Literary Society open mic night and literary evening when she was one of our guests and has...

Legfies at Vet Hills 0

From Enugu & Nsukka With Love 1

Written by Mount Olympus I’m sitting on a rooftop, smoking. Above me, the dark Asaba sky glitters in starry bliss. All day, I’ve been imprisoned in a spinning web of poetry and wild thoughts of the journey from which I had just returned. I had arrived Nsukka angry. FB

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Dear Generation woke 2: This is negative motivation

Dear Generation Woke, I have seen a lot of madness on social media, especially from my facebook timeline I have come again after the previous post I made on “Wokeness’, When I see write-ups like this in the image, I shake my head, because I’ve just seen one more person who...