maureen alikorI am excited you are here, I salute your courage. It’s also proof that your life is about to change.
I was at a point in my life when I was, unsatisfied, confused,  angry and unsure of what I would do with my life especially with the so much I was carrying and the experiences I had undergone
My parents separated when I was a child. I had to live with grandparents and uncles. I had to quit school for a while, because I was a girl who would “one day become a man’s property” through marriage. I was also sexually abused in my early teenage years,and at 26, I was raped.
l lived in hatred, anger and pain. I was unhappy with the outcomes of  my life and the realities that faced me.
Everything changed when I became more intentional about my life and the outcomes I desired to have. I began to drive and then came the struggle with how to live my dream. 
I wanted to quit enjoying my dreams much more than my reality. And I was ready to take action.
Over a period of four (4) – six (6) weeks, I would be taking you through some of the steps I took, the personal transformation strategies that were useful to me. I  would be your guide as you make the conscious and intentional decision to change your life and begin living a purposeful and fruitful life with unique outcomes.
The session will include a life audit, through a process of self and purpose-discovery and awareness  and ultimately bring us to a develop your unique and personalized strategy for deployment.
It’s my desire and prayer that by the end of our sessions together, you would be ready to chase the life you were destined by God to live, with enthusiasm and intent.
Equip yourself for the journey ahead.
One-on-One Coaching
Group Coaching Session