Maureen Alikor Self DiscoverySelf Discovery as the name implies is simply the discovery and unraveling of oneself, it is one of the most powerful superpowers known to humanity and only the discerning embark on this self-exposing, strengths untangling, flaws revealing, and self-appreciation journey.

It is a known fact that how much of yourself you know plays a major role in the outcome of your life.

In this SELF DISCOVERY/ASSESSMENT JOURNEY, I’d love to help you ask yourself the right questions, proffer the truest and most sincere answers which enables us recognize our strong, growth and need-evaluating areas

Some of the questions may be cliche and quite simple, but pay attention to them and the myriad of thought that fly across your mind, heart and head as you see to answer them.

Bearing in mind that the answers play a major role in helping us make YOUR life better.

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Maureen Alikor Purpose DiscoveryLiving intentionally is possible when purpose is defined. You are not here by accident, you are a carefully thought out gem.

You are alive and here for a unique purpose, but lack of purpose fuels confusion, distraction and lost focus.

I believe you are reading this because you desire to make your life better than it already is, you are in the right place and I am waiting for you.

We may just be partners-in-purpose.

I am very vested in helping you on your purpose discovery, development and deployment journey.

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