On Pastors And Abuse

While I agree that there are many pastors who are selfish and self centered with no iota of care, concern and compassion for their members and for the general well being of the world at large, I still know a few who are the direct opposite of those described.   I know some who would

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Dear Tiger: …till abuse puts asunder

Dear Tiger, How fairest thou? I’m sure you still standing strong for you, for me, for your family and for the world. Oh, and of course for our children. Tiger Mi, you know I always write you just so you see what goes on in my head and what principles I live by, so it

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Abuse Is Not An Option

Dear Tiger, Good day. How fareth thou? today I am angry. Angry at what the world is turning into. Angry at what many are advocating to be right. Angry at how many gullible women will believe this bullcrap and still choose to be with a man who abuses her. Credits: Google Tiger Mi,

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Life Should Be Sued For Being An Abusive Partner

"Life dealt me a deadly blow",(I'm wondering, who deals a deadly blow without a hand?) "Why is life being unfair to me", these and many more are the exclamations we use when we experience a major or even minor discomfort or challenge in life. But in this post, I'd choose to call these challenges, setbacks,

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All forms of abuse should be frowned at and even punished , even if it comes from a woman. Lately, I am hearing about more domestic violence than I can stomach. Why will a woman slap a man? Why will a man slap a woman? I just don't get it. Has the frustration and depression

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