On Football Age and Petty Lies

The image above hit my screen on instagram @maureenalikor feed this morning and it sure got me laughing. Of course, after a few minutes of laughter, it dawned on me that this Rwandan player just happened to be a scapegoat of an agelon football tradition, if I'm allowed to put it do. Who is foooling

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Is any too intelligent for their age

''You are too intelligent for your age''. When I hear this statement, it leaves me wondering. At what point does a person become too intelligent for their age? But then I see it from another angle. Alot of people who are seen as too intelligent for their age are those who took extra time to

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The Race of Life

At birth the whistle blows we begin a race to an unseen destination we scale storms and wade through hard times we possess and become possessed we grow and keep growing we acquire all we think we ever need we love and hate we dream visualize and then just when you least expect the whistle

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The Mirror and Me

She looked at the mirror, smiled at the magnificent, bright eyes staring back at her. Eyes fixed to the mirror, she couldn't help but steal a glimpse; at the beautiful face, ornately adorned with purity, robed in purple and lilac of inestimable worth. Staring into the mirror, she saw those years; years before the grey

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