Holy Shame For Christians

Christians who jump from post to post getting angry, throwing abusive words and recording to insults when people make statements borne out of the frustrations they've faced with encountering Christians and churches, I am here to remind you that even Jesus is ashamed of your lack of tact. HOLY SHAME. Just because you've

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Altar Call and Christianity

An altar call is an activity carried out within the Christian circle and it usually signifies a statement of allegiance towards a cause, which in this case is following Christ. It’s basic requirements include; a) choosing to forsake their old thought pattern and old ways b) choosing to allow Jesus Christ into one’s life and

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Christians and national development

This video spoke my mind in many ways. https://youtu.be/sPfJVXthjok Most Christian’s ONLY contribution to Nigeria is prayer. This is one truth many Christians and churches do not want to hear, simply because it puts a greater and valid and a more measurable responsibility on them and less on God. An average Christian has been spoon fed to believe

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On Churches and irresponsible behaviours

#AwayWithReligion See I am a Christian, an unapologetic Christ lover and follower, but you see the above hashtag, I am going to be using it frequently. Yes frequently. Yesterday, while on my search for fuel, thanks to the season we are in, I was handed a handbill by someone, it was supposed to be for

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Satan Is The Coolest Guy God Created

Here is an image we all grew up to see and know as Satan, well, they lied to us You don’t understand. Satan is one of the coolest things God has ever created. Fine. Sexy. Suave. Not that rubbish they draw in your Christian tracts and magazines. Have you ever heard the phrase

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