Today In History(Eulogy to my mum)

​ November has always been my favourite, not because its my birth month alone but because its same for my dad, my mum and one of my brothers; but this year its all different... On this day in 1959, my mum was born.   She was my "not very favourite parent" during primary school days

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​THE NEON STAR A Dedication to Graciano Enwerem on his birthday By the Figures Courtesy of Figures of Speech headquarters Preface When it's a birthday, there are baths, then births. Then what? Many decide to celebrate by cutting cakes and blowing candles representing a quarter of their present age[s], but that only shows that one


For Enebuse Franklin on his birthday

The dark eyed deltan whose big eyes are ever rolling in quantum trouble modes with sharp pinchy fingers whose plenty wahala walked into the world the day his birth was announced. 'It's a boy' they screamed oblivious of his wahala skills packed within his soon to be expanded physique. His tiny body as a baby

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For Praise Psalm

His name is Praise he sings psalms yet is surnamed Psalm. His psalms rise up everyday as praise to He alone. his life is a praise rendered as psalms to his Own. he is Praise and also Psalm; his life, a journey of music. Call him Praise maybe call him Psalm I'd rather call him

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The Birthday Salon

THE SALON I walk into the shop. I see eyes piercing deep into my marrow. I take a sit. I beckon on an attendant. She frowns. She comes any way but lakadaisically and stands hand akimbo. I scowl. I say I want to a new hairdo. She smirks and walks away. I stare into the

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