Christians and national development

This video spoke my mind in many ways. Most Christian’s ONLY contribution to Nigeria is prayer. This is one truth many Christians and churches do not want to hear, simply because it puts a greater and valid and a more measurable responsibility on them and less on God. An average Christian has been spoon fed to believe

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Perseverance is sexy, I agree, do you? I remember when we were thrown into this era of despair, of hopelessness and into the world called recession. Many of us felt life was going to come to an end, some of us felt we would all die of starvation (i’m not ignoring the fact that many

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Twitter Doubles Characters Per Tweet

Hello Twitter FAM, For some time, we have been wishing twitter would increase the number of characters allowed in a tweet, which has been limited to 140 characters, spaces inclusive. Some of us woke up to the announcement that yayyyyyyy, our wishes have been granted, twitter now lets you enjoy 280 characters in a single

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