On Christians aiding atheism

Yester night, I was having one of those intimate nights with a certain someone (tiger, of course) and our topic up for discus was the rise of atheism in our society, and how some Christians and even “men of God” are contributing immensely to the growing population of atheism, and how the Christian race is seen as a joke every once in a while because of the current happening.

We talked at length, sharing “testifables” as I have chosen to call them and of solutions.

Imagine, my new rude shock this evening on seeing a church sharing “cucumber ” to their “congregands”. Calling it “blessed cucumber”.

Iyam not understanding.
Let me just go to bed. Good night.



Hey are you aware that Donald Trump has won the Presidential Election for the united States Of America( USA) beating his opponent Hilary Clinton?

Congratulations to him and his campaign team. I pray they don’t go into leadership witha vengeful heart but with a heart ready to really lead. 

The results just goes to prove a few points…

     The elections just showed the average mindset of an average American.

     Anything is possible, if you believe in it enough and push it enough.


On Monday, 7th of November, 2016 while engrossed in a discussion with regards to the elections in the UNited States, he showed me the headline of TB Joshua’s prophesy, which says, Donald Trump will lose the elections. 
Immediately, I got angryyyyyy, really angry. Angry at the fact that this said man had in previous situations prophesied and it came out opposite of what he said, yet here again he is meddling with something as delicate as this and even going ahead to talk about what he claims was shown to him by God. 
It is quite disturbing that many people who LIE in the name of God have become oblivious of the truth that they are being BAD AMBASSADORS to the Kingdom of Heaven that they so claim to be propagating and growing.

They are doing exactly opposite of what they claim to be doing.  
A lot of people have gotten to a point in their life when  they are devaluing the phrase The Lord said…”.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is saying what they want to say and then attributing it to the Lord. This has got to stop.

Imagine the wrong and unsavoury message that TB Joshua has passed across to people. People will begin to distrust any other pastor or man of God who may have something worthwhile to say.
He is bad testimony. If I was an unbeliever and I hear what he said and then hear of the eventual result, I will automatically have no external reason to believe in the same God that the said man of God believes in.

Anyone that holds any position of leadership where he or she says he is representative of God, such a person should be careful with 

-what they say, 

-how they say it

-why they say it

-how they act

-why they act
YOU automatically stand on the spotlight and a lot of eyes are on you.
If you say you are a preacher, pastor, bishop, reverend, man of God and woman of God, you are EXPECTED to be CAREFUL WITH A LOT OF THINGS.


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