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On Churches and irresponsible behaviours 0

On Churches and irresponsible behaviours

#AwayWithReligion See I am a Christian, an unapologetic Christ lover and follower, but you see the above hashtag, I am going to be using it frequently. Yes frequently. Yesterday, while on my search for fuel, thanks to the season we are in, I was handed a handbill by someone, it...

Holy Rant 0

Holy Rant

I am the Church. You are the church the building is a church, we are a gathering of churches uniting in a church. I am the bride you are the bride we are a gathering of brides in a perfect union with our groom I am the head you are...

On Church names 0

On Church names

I am queuing here, in front of an ATM. There are other queuers. We want to withdraw, transfer or maybe recharge our phones. There is a church poster on the wall, sure it is advertising an upcoming programme. I see it. I look away. I am growing impatient. The queue...