Demystify Abuse

Letter To My Rapist And His Kind

Dear Rapist(s), It’s been two hundred and twenty-nine (229) days since you and your clique broke into my house and acted based upon your juvenile stupidity, naivety, confusion and immaturity, and wow, it has been a journey.

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The Demystify Abuse Campaign Journey So Far

today is 16th of June, 2017.   And today marks seven (7) months after the armed robbery attack that almost crumbled the foundations of my life.   Today marks it seven months since I was left with two options of –   -either letting the FEAR OF STIGMATIZATION push me to being SILENT about MY

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Rape, yet again

Yet again, news has reached us that a 10 year old did not survive rape from an “Uncle”.

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The Lady in smiles

This is the face of the lady in love with her helf As much as she loves the world, She, with a smile that lights up darkened paths Thus illuminating the depth of dark hearts Made thus by man's blackness of heart This is the smile of the lady of golden steel With footwalks of

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