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Dreamer Tears 0

Dreamer Tears

I’ve been so in love with the dream that I refused to wake up to reality, thus I sailed blindly in the euphoria of what it should instead of what is. It’s time I nudge myself and though with sleepy eyes, walk out of this empty pregnant hope I have....



I want to rip my heart out so you’d see, see how much your name is wrapped around it and how much it breathes your name. I want to sing you a song, a song of truth and a thousand tales of how dark nights turned dawn. I want to...

Reverie 0


Waking up, to the beep of my phone, stealing a glimpse of the rays of the early morning sun, soothing the cold night away; with her warmth and zephyr. Indeed, a blissful night it was. In my head, I saw things, things you would wonder how they came to be,...