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Holy Shame For Christians

Christians who jump from post to post getting angry, throwing abusive words and recording to insults when people make statements borne out of the frustrations they've faced with encountering Christians and churches, I am here to remind you that even Jesus is ashamed of your lack of tact. HOLY SHAME. Just because you've

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Concern towards large church auditoriums

My concern towards large church auditoriums in Nigeria is growing in leaps and bounds as new massive auditoriums are dedicated and more been built. To be clear, I am not in contention with the buildings as much as I am with the worshippers who gather in said churches, and sometimes the Preachers too for certain

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The Most Important Person On Earth

Do you know who the most important person on earth is? I do and I would very much love to tell you who He is and how He works. As a Christian living in the world of diverse religion, one of the most used words to describe a being in Christianity is the person of

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Altar Call and Christianity

An altar call is an activity carried out within the Christian circle and it usually signifies a statement of allegiance towards a cause, which in this case is following Christ. It’s basic requirements include; a) choosing to forsake their old thought pattern and old ways b) choosing to allow Jesus Christ into one’s life and

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