I am seated on a blue coloured plastic chair - boldly written made in Nigeria, while a made in China white table sat before me. My dinner of "meshaid" bread and egg and a home brewed hot cup of green tea and honey decorated the table. The moon in half her glory shone on me

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DEAR RUKAYAT I whistled happily as I packed Bisi's bag. ** Bisi is my only child and daughter in my marriage of fifteen years to Otunba. Seventeen years ago when we met, he was a handsome and intelligent young man and I, pretty and brilliant in my own right. We soon became a couple on

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There has been flash challenges upon flash challenges. I have been alive to witness flash challenges and trust me, each new challenge introduces something deeper, scarier, deadlier, and fiercer. I have also been alive to read stories that leave you mouth agape and you begin to wonder if the writer is from same planet as

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Not Just Another Dream

The music was soft and soothing, I was literarily rolling from side to side on the bed as tiny moans of pleasure escaped my lips. I felt it. It was different. It was calming, a sensative rushed through my spins and I shivered gently. It wasn't the ''I am cold'' kind of shiver. I relished

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