Of Birthdays Past – for Austin Omorogieva

Many are called Only a few answer the call Those that answer stands out exceptionally And do exploits They have their smile brighter than the moon And the sun tends to step up their game So as to retain their place in the sky They lead in style and are unique in grace You are

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Life is all about human beings. God is a relational being, thus we his creations are also relational beings. The saying, "no man is an island" is a true statement and as each new day dawns, we come to a clearer understanding of what it means. We all come out a family. A family is


The Birthday Salon

THE SALON I walk into the shop. I see eyes piercing deep into my marrow. I take a sit. I beckon on an attendant. She frowns. She comes any way but lakadaisically and stands hand akimbo. I scowl. I say I want to a new hairdo. She smirks and walks away. I stare into the

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For Innocence Elvis on his birthday

I am Jane never mind how come. He is Elvis, you never know how come. He is hairy don't ask how I know. His words roll like waters, don't blush for too long. His pen is a goddess and he is the god. He spews words like arrows sent on a mission, always hitting its

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