Happy Birthday Tobi

Within the confines of this virtual world
hidden behind keypads and keyboards
are soul trapped in human form
with heart plaited in gold
and eyes big and bold

somewhere in Africa
where blind bonds of friendship are formed
as soul connections mattered the most
I met an African,
he was subtle and concise
he still is,
he was wise and rare
he still is

somewhere in Nigeria
when mothers around the world
walked bearing protruded bellies
unsure but trusting of whom they bore
this Nigerian burst forth all smiles
too cute
too coy
too cool
amongst a sea of males
he set foot

he walks in manly gaits of splendor
builds with raw materials of nature
aimed at erecting skyscrapers of world wonders

his dreams send you back to bed
as you need not wake till you have dreamed enough

his vision crystal clear
as he foresees million steps
while you thousands

he is a friend so true
a love far to sleek
a mind wide enough
able to drown the biggest of whales
and a heart once again too good

fierce one
with stubborn ways
fierce one
with quantum leaps
fierce soul
of radical traps

today heaven rejoices and weeps
as you sail on to greater heights
today we celebrate you
as you mount the stool of age
wisdom rises
setting you apart for greatness

happy birthday Oluwatobi Olumystique OluAdeMi
Toby Mystique Olubimo

Christmas Tree by Abten

Oh’ Christmas tree
Please give them glee.

I count each a stormy tide,
When they made me smile,
Pulling me through my stride.
Oh’ how they made me smile.

And to each, a desire become a gain,
Their pain, no more strives as bane.
Four lassies I see as blissful rain;
My strain they are, upon misery lane.

Oh’ Christmas tree
Please give forth glee.

To the Berry of people ray,
Summer chin of joy and no dismay.
Yes, to my Maureen of elegant rise,
Please be enticed with sweet paradise.

What more could I need from a friend,
My sadness she bends to an end,
Sweet Berry of Purple, I pray thy desire
be fulfilled by love’s unending fire.

Oh’ Christmas tree,
Please give forth glee.

To the Diamond radiant of Glory,
One whose heart tells no sad story.
Whose lips are the cheer of my gaze,
Dazzling traits she has to amaze.

My Ni Ni, my wing-lady, my friend,
A soul where solitude knows no end.
Grace shall grace you with comfort,
Rewarding you for all your efforts.

Oh’ Christmas tree,
Please give forth glee.

To my Unique who is not antique,
A lass whose love is mystique,
Immaculate are her words with delight,
Her flair paints away my gloomy night.

Though we were cornered by deeds
said and unsaid making hearts bleed.
We shall again start anew as dawn,
Only this time, on a New Year’s lawn.

Oh’ Christmas tree,
Please give forth glee.

To my Miriam without an end,
My rose, my Silva, I shall defend
till time sees an end to its race,
Beloved, my heart is your place.

The nights we stare down the moon
while exploring love’s lagoon.
Yes, its true, I was reborn by you,
By your smile, by its blue dew.

In your eyes, I found love,
My angel from above.
Endless I cherish every word
Spoken before tuning chords.

Oh’ Christmas tree,
Please give forth glee
to this four lassies of mine,
Please fill their lips with sweet wine.

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#Maureen Purple Berry
#Glory Ni Ni Oyewole
#Unique Immaculate
#Mhiz Miriam Silva Te Amo

Social Media and friendship

It is called social media and I heard that a lot of people have had more bad experiences than good experiences. I don’t know who to blame for their experiences- them or the social media?

Via the social media a lot of friendship bonds have been created. These bonds surprisingly have also been tested just as real life friendship is also been tested.

Some marriage relationships have their foundation here on social media. And guess what they are happy.

Friends stick through thick and thin. They have proven to be a replica of the friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Ever since my social media journey, I have been blessed with friends who have wowed me beyond reasonable doubts. They have proven to be worth my trust and believe.

While some have held on to their strong belief that people you meet via social media are not to be trusted, I can categorically say there are trustworthy friends here.

Sometimes you are really weak and alone where you are, but with your phone in hand, a friend on the other side of the phone can become your strength.
Sometimes your spirit may be low as a result of some challenges you face, there are those wonderful people that have a way to your lift you up.

Some contribute immensely to your personal growth in various aspects of your life.
I have not remained as I was; I have grown and learnt, I have blocked, unfriended. I have also been blocked and unfriended.
It is just like real life.

I can’t begin to mention names, but trust me I have met a lot of people that I value their friendship and as God keeps us alive, we shall remain so till the end of time.

I believe we meet people for different reasons. To help you or receive help.
Some people come into your life to be used to make you learn some lessons in a rather hard and bitter way.

Meeting people via social media is almost as same as meeting them in the real word.

The best part of it all is that the number of worthy friends you meet on social media is five times higher than the ones you meet in the real world.

I can boldly say social media has been helpful mostly to introverts like me.

I celebrate my friends and those who are no longer friends but have become family.

Tag which facebook friend you can boldly call family.