Happy Birthday Tobi

within the confines of this virtual world hidden behind keypads and keyboards are souls trapped in human form with hearts plaited in gold and eyes big and bold somewhere in Africa where blind bonds of friendship are formed as soul connections mattered the most I, African, met an African, he was subtle and concise he

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Christmas Tree by Abten

Oh' Christmas tree Please give them glee. I count each a stormy tide, When they made me smile, Pulling me through my stride. Oh' how they made me smile. And to each, a desire become a gain, Their pain, no more strives as bane. Four lassies I see as blissful rain; My strain they are,

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Social Media and friendship

It is called social media and I heard that a lot of people have had more bad experiences than good experiences. I don't know who to blame for their experiences- them or the social media? Via the social media a lot of friendship bonds have been created. These bonds surprisingly have also been tested just

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Meet my mum- literally.

1. Name: Yusuf Gloria Ejura 2. Country/ State: Nigeria/Kogi state 3.DOB: 23rd February 4. Religion: Christianity 5. Favourite book: Words Are Our Sorcery by Karl Wiggins 6. Why are you on earth: To put smiles on people's face which is part of God's purpose in my life. 7. Talk to the world: I would say

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Loving Right

''You don't love me'' were the words she kept repeating amidst sobs. The words sounded as horsewhips on his back. ''How could she say such harsh words in spite of all I DO for her?'', you find yourself asking back in confusion. She saunters away, finding succor in the stream of tears flowing down her

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