The Birthday Salon

THE SALON I walk into the shop. I see eyes piercing deep into my marrow. I take a sit. I beckon on an attendant. She frowns. She comes any way but lakadaisically and stands hand akimbo. I scowl. I say I want to a new hairdo. She smirks and walks away. I stare into the

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Gathering of Words

Take a cab from facebook junction, tell the driver you would be be alighting at poetry avenue. Walk into the street till you get to an intersection called words close. Take a walk into the close till you arrive at Maureen's estate. Take a longer walk head-on for about 5 minutes till you get to

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Words do a tap dance in my head, I wonder who tutores them - incredible dance moves they are. Beautifully incredible are each move they make, I wonder when dance lessons would teach me how to do what words do and how they do them. Words dance better than man. Men are at mercy of

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Pun’dactful -Joke

Joke is a girl. Joke is a joke. A joke answers when Joke is called. When a joke is mentioned, Joke appears. Joke is a joke. A joke is Joke. Joke can't live without a joke. A joke can't be without Joke. Joke, my joke.

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