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Written by Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli    DEAR #AUTHORPRENEUR Then do these 10 things👇👇 1. DON’T MAKE A RESEARCH Remember, you know everything. You are omniscient. Before Abraham, Socrates, and Einstein, you are. Don’t read the works of others. Don’t read related works. Write #everything from your head.


The Rescue

6:25pm The evening was cool, cool for a walk. I love taking strolls to the park to clear off my head from the day’s activities and to breathe in freshness as I wallow in the richness of nature while listening to the tweeting of birds. Nature is simply beautiful at...

On State Government Building Worship Center in Akwa Ibom 0

On State Government Building Worship Center in Akwa Ibom

Written By: Enwongo Cleopas I refuse to keep quiet about this particular issue for posterity sake and because of the love I have for my state. ° Recently, I kept hearing and reading about a building project my state government is undertaking under the Udom’s administration. The state government wants to...

Do You Know Your Vagina 0

Do You Know Your Vagina

Do you know your vagina? What it looks like? When it’s sick or healthy? I’m pretty sure if there should be a vagina photo shoot and ladies are asked to identify or point out which ones are theirs, they wouldn’t.

Satan Is The Coolest Guy God Created 0

Satan Is The Coolest Guy God Created

You don’t understand. Satan is one of the coolest things God has ever created. Fine. Sexy. Suave. Not that rubbish they draw in your Christian tracts and magazines. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘The devil wears Prada‘? Well, the movie is totally irrelevant to this post but the imagery...