Satan Is The Coolest Guy God Created

Here is an image we all grew up to see and know as Satan, well, they lied to us

You don’t understand.

Satan is one of the coolest things God has ever created.

Fine. Sexy. Suave. Not that rubbish they draw in your Christian tracts and magazines. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘The devil wears Prada‘? Well, the movie is totally irrelevant to this post but the imagery isn’t.

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Marriage Palaver

These oyibo people play too much. Small argument like this and the woman would say “Sleep on the couch, move out” if the man is in the wrong. If the woman is in the wrong kpakpa it’s still thesame thing ni o.. the man will just say “I’m moving out or I’m sleeping on the couch tonight”.
So the woman spreads her legs wide on the comfy bed while the man tries to fit into the couch and if he has long legs he kukuma goes to the ground where he belongs.
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