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Legfies at Vet Hills 0

From Enugu & Nsukka With Love 1

Written by Mount Olympus I’m sitting on a rooftop, smoking. Above me, the dark Asaba sky glitters in starry bliss. All day, I’ve been imprisoned in a spinning web of poetry and wild thoughts of the journey from which I had just returned. I had arrived Nsukka angry.

The Village People Chronicles Part 1 0

The Village People Chronicles Part 1

The Village People’ is one phrase whose use has grown over the years in the Nigerian cybersphere. If you’re not a Nigerian or you’re a only-wikipedia Nigerian, you’ll surely find it difficult understanding the concept of the Villagers or the Village People. So today, I’ll be imparting into you this...



Every one has something they want. Somehow, most of us believe that DESIRE should always be followed by SATISFACTION. This is simply not true as I have come to learn. Sometimes the right thing is for you not to get what you want. We currently live in a world that...

Women Are Evil 0

Women Are Evil

​Women are evil, at least that’s what some philosophers, writers and most men would have us believe. Many have linked every evil thing in the world today to Pandora and her box. Others say it’s Eve. She ate the apple and “force-fed” it to Adam.   It has been universally agreed...