Words Along Teary Way

My eyes hurt
from the many tears
I shed.

My mouth quakes
from the many words

My heart breaks
from the many hurts
you hurled.

My hands shake
from the many
days alone.

My words fail
from the many blames
you dish.

My ink sad
from the many days you

My head aches
from the many thoughts
of you.

My dreams fade
from the many fears
I bear.

Kiss my fears,
hold my hand,
Say the words,
wipe the tears

for you alone do I crave.

A farmer by Don Al-Malik

I am just saying…

i am a farmer
i love you
my seeds of choice

i am a farmer
your merry heart
my ota farm

your smiles
the sun,
your tears
the rain…
i call
your laughter
the cackle of birds
high on nectar

or orijin

i am a farmer
these hands
meant to plough you…
to weed out
your worries

i am a farmer
the harvest

Love Truths

it was flower hedge whispers
as of young boys and girls.

he comes at dusk
humming songs I alone can decipher

at dawn,
a gentle tap rocks my door

sunset heralds his tender voice
as sunrise alarms my feeble heart

as of teenage boys and girls
so this one chooses to frolic
around my hamlet

stoning imaginary mangoes
yet unripe
just to grab my swayed attention
oblivious of my intentional diversion

it was flower hedge whispers
and still remains so