Words Along Teary Way

My eyes hurt from the many tears I shed. My mouth quakes from the many words unsaid. My heart breaks from the many hurts you hurled. My hands shake from the many days alone. My words fail from the many blames you dish. My ink sad from the many days you left. My head aches

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A farmer by Don Al-Malik

I am just saying... i am a farmer and i love you... are my seeds of choice i am a farmer and your merry heart is my ota farm your smiles are the sun, your tears the rain... i call your laughter the cackle of birds high on nectar or orijin i am a farmer

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Love Truths

it was flower hedge whispers as of young boys and girls. he comes at dusk humming songs I alone can decipher at dawn, a gentle tap rocks my door sunset heralds his tender voice as sunrise alarms my feeble heart as of teenage boys and girls so this one chooses to frolic around my hamlet

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For Love

the sun in dark days the rain during harmattan yes, you are. my padi in a padiless world my love in a hate-filled era yes, you are. my hero during the battle of hearts a winner has indeed emerged yes, he won. my shugar in a saltless world my smile during the dark days so

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When those tears wield up, with shaky hands I brush her aside. When she seeks freedom from the bottle I shut her out. Why must she flow now? Why must she bare my heart to a waiting world known for mockery than for helping. But then, when she fights for freedom I let her have